January 15, 2016

180 Ethnic Orgs and 135 History Scholars Now Support Museum

September 30, 2015

16 FAQs About the Museum

January 20, 2015

Coalition Adds New Scholars
The coalition supporting the National Museum of the American People on June 1 announced broad-based backing for the museum by a range of immigration organizations, including Catholic, Protestant and Jewish groups.

Immigration organizations now backing the museum include: Church World Services, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, Catholic Legal Immigration Network, HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society), National Immigration Forum, Welcome.US, America's Voice, New York Immigration Coalition, Ethiopian Community Development Council, and the Center for the Integration & Advancement of New Americans. Except for HIAS, these groups all signed on this year. Read more here...

"E Pluribus Unum!"

Leaders from across the spectrum of American ethnic organizations came together on the National Mall in Washington, DC to call for establishment of the National Museum of the American People. Please take a look at this 2 1/2 minute video.
Also view the Museum's video "Stories"!
What We Seek
  • A bipartisan Presidential commission to study establishment of the museum.
  • No federal appropriations to plan, build or operate the museum.
  • A site off of the National Mall in Washington.
  • To tell every ethnic, nationality and minority group's immigration or migration stories.
  • The best story-telling museum in the world to tell one of the world's greatest stories.
The Museum Will
  • Celebrate all of the people who came here from every land.
  • Foster a better sense of belonging to the nation and contribute to our unified national identity.
  • Welcome visitors from every American ethnic and minority group who will learn their own story and about all of the others.
  • Tell its dramatic story in the manner of a compelling documentary.
  • Embody our original national motto: E Pluribus Unum – From Many, One.
You Should Know
  • The full story about the making of the American People is not told in any museum in Washington.
  • The organizations supporting this effort represent most major U.S. ethnic, minority and nationality groups.
  • Eminent scholars from around the world will help tell the story.
  • A resolution in Congress backing the museum has bipartisan support.